Forgotten Places

Whenever I see old dollhouses I can’t help myself, I have to look inside and wonder about those fantasy figures that once filled those tiny rooms. I try to capture the mystic as I feel them.


Sittard is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, and has a rich history behind it. Its city rights were granted in the year 1243. In 1400, it became part of the Duchy of Jülich, which it remained until 1794. From 1798 to 1814, it belonged to imperial France as a part of the…

Heeze Castle

Heeze Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Heeze) is situated in the Netherlands, south of Eindhoven. It used to be the centre of the seigneury of Heeze, Leende and Zesgehuchten, part of the Duchy of Brabant. In the Middle Ages, it was owned by the de Horne family. In the seventeenth Century Pieter Post designed a new castle, of which the first part was built in 1665. After Pieter…

Things are not as they seem

Years ago I visited a very small, but truly nice, museum that worked with illusions of the eye and mind. Even though I did not capture a lot of great photos I had a wonderful time at Mind Mystery.

Fragile Wings

It was such an amazing experience to capture these fragile and exotic butterflies.

Old Things

These old and sometimes strange things in shopping windows from antique stores I just have to capture. They are there for just a short moment, their composition will get lost in time.

Forgotten Scenes

All these ancient and forgotten scenes. Once they were some child’s playground. Now they collect dust and are seldom seen. All those treasures are stored in a German Doll Museum.

Mystical Things

Colors and mystical things always draw my attention. I can’t help but just need and try to capture them.

Embracing Darkness

Wandering through the dark, embracing the darkness. Just some random photos in black and white.

Strange Views

So I love to create strange views, none of these are edits. It is all working with natural light and reflection.

Sureal B&W

A collection black and white surreal photographs from mannequins in shopping windows.