Old Things

These old and sometimes strange things in shopping windows from antique stores I just have to capture. They are there for just a short moment, their composition will get lost in time.

Forgotten Scenes

All these ancient and forgotten scenes. Once they were some child’s playground. Now they collect dust and are seldom seen. All those treasures are stored in a German Doll Museum.

Mystical Things

Colors and mystical things always draw my attention. I can’t help but just need and try to capture them.

Embracing Darkness

Wandering through the dark, embracing the darkness. Just some random photos in black and white.

Strange Views

So I love to create strange views, none of these are edits. It is all working with natural light and reflection.

Sureal B&W

A collection black and white surreal photographs from mannequins in shopping windows.

Surreal Worlds

A small collection dark edits (older ones from a few years ago).


Spakenburg is a village in the community Bunschoten, province of Utrecht. It is situated near Eemmeer. Spakenburg was founded in the 15th century and was once a important fisherman’s village at the Zuiderzee (till the Afsluitdijk was created). Eventhough the village is very small you feel like you are travelling back in time.

Albufeira Coastline

Some years ago I walked a beautiful path with magnificent views near Albufeira. So let me take you on this walk by sharing some photos I made.

Birds of Prey

These birds of prey have always fascinated me, how lucky I was to be able to capture them so close.

Retro Views

These retro views are so nice to find in little stores.