My love for art moves a dynamic flow. For years I have been supporting artists, I am online publisher for a few vintage art sites and over the last years I have been taking up photographing and creative design.

I am a woman (born in 1972) and live in the Netherlands with my husband, three cats and dog. Being involved in the creative proces of photographing is something that still has something magical for me.
This started when I was around 15 and my father carefully lent me his black and white analogue camera. I felt like a whole new world opened up to me and then I got frustrated because the results were not as I had expected 🙂
It took years before I started photographing again, I did of course shoot some holiday pictures and then I could still feel the magic but I felt like I was not creative enough to really embrace photography as a hobby. It was my husband who inspired and motivated me to do so, he even gave me his camera and told me to go out and let the magic do it’s work. I am still very grateful he did this since ever since I have been loving photography more and more. And on my turn I inspired my daughter to pick up photography, we even get to go out with our cameras together from time to time.

Through art I connect with my emotions, my desires, broken dreams and inner worlds. My search for new ways to express myself opened unexpected doors, doors to different dimensions. Sometimes I start new projects and I am also active on some artists platforms, you can stay updated via this linktree.

I love to visit cemeteries and dwell in forgotten times, capture the changes in mourning, I have a special collection stored on this website.