Other Projects

Example of one of my digital fantasy artworks, free to download

On the amazing platform Pixabay I share a collection digital fantasy art that is free to download and use (commercial as well).

These artworks are created with open source art and sometimes also with the use of my own photos.

Cemetery photography is a subject that is very dear to me. I made a website where I try and store collections as they were taken on various European Cemeteries.

I als run a tumblr named Unforgotten Ones, that focus more on loose photos and digital edits made with my cemetery photographs.

Example of my Cemetery Photography
Example of my dark edits using my own photos

Creating fantasy and dark art using my own photographs is something I find very appealing.

I love to combine my art with texts from lyrics that add something to the particular vibe.

You can find these artworks on Dwell the Tragedy (Tumblr).