Old Things

These old and sometimes strange things in shopping windows from antique stores I just have to capture. They are there for just a short moment, their composition will get lost in time.

Strange Views

So I love to create strange views, none of these are edits. It is all working with natural light and reflection.

Windows with a View

Sometimes it’s good to look at common things with a fresh view. When editing these photos the title Windows with a view came up, they offer beautiful views for sure.

Embrace the Moment

It’s one of my favorite subjects to capture. Mannequins in shopping windows. At first, I felt frustrated due to the reflections, of course, I could have gotten myself a lens for this but decided to embrace the challenge. And now….now I love how new dimensions appear when merging the world reflected with the world that…

Attracted Reflection

Whenever I pass a shopping window, a mirror or something else with a reflection I can’t resist to aim my camera and see what new world will reveal itself.